Mummy Must Have: Creative STEM Toy Brand, Follies

STEM toy brand, Follies, a finalist for Toy of The Year, is a favourite to get our little ones (4+) through the winter doldrums (sign-up for their mailing list and get $30 off your first order).

Part toy, part home decor, Follies are big building shapes that kids connect to create whatever their imagination comes up with – a spaceship, a puppet theatre, a playhouse… a pile of nothing but fun…  Follies feature an intuitive play pattern (no adult help required) that fosters creativity and STEM skills. Equally important despite their big size, Follies are easy to store (unlike giant block pillows… as much as we love those too) and washable. They’re also made from 100% non-toxic and recyclable plastic foam.


There are two variations:
  • The Canvas Set ($159): 30 pieces that work like a whiteboard. Kids draw, then wipe away and store flat after they’re done. The Canvas Set comes with its own markers so kids are all set to start creating from the minute you unbox.
  • The Bauhaus Set ($199): With this set kids get 40 pieces featuring hand made silk screen prints inspired by the patterns and colours of the Bauhaus architectural movement.  If you living room is also your playroom, this is a great, non-messy option.

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