Looking For 4th of July Fashion? Sammy + Nat Has You Covered (Plus A Hampton Collection!)

I love Gerber’s and Carter’s and the likes and shop their clothing frequently. Every parent needs a few outfits that they don’t feel guilty about turning into cleaning rags once they’ve been the victim of one too many nappy blowdrys. What I find about those brands however is that while the outfits look great when they first arrive (especially considering I rarely spend more than $5 per separate) it doesn’t take long for them to fade and/or shrink. I’m not sure they’re actually that much cheaper when I consider how much wear I get out of them when compared with clothing that is better made – like Sammy + Nat.


Not only are the brand’s pieces beautifully made both in terms of fashion and function, they’ve managed to make themed collections sophisticate AND cute without being cheesy. Their 4th of July collection aka the “Red, White and Blue collection” is full of pieces your little ones could wear any time of the year (unlike the pieces I’ve found from pretty much any other brand… though I bought this and can’t wait to dress my little one in it).

My son often wears their pyjamas as “ready-to-wear” because they’re that beautifully made and actually stay soft when you wash them (even without ironing). They’re also lightweight while not being paper thin like so many options from other brands (I hate when you can see skin under fabric). One important thing to note is that the pieces run VERY VERY small. The brand says to upsize when ordering in the following manner: size of child + 2 = right size to order. If your child is on bigger side you might even want to do one size up more for long sleeve options.

Also worth a highlight is that for the second summer in a row Sammy + Nat is launching a limited edition Hamptons-inspired collection of rompers, pyjamas and more. Like with pieces from their other collections, the pyjamas for babies/toddlers can double as every day wear and because of the beach/summer vibes the Hamptons line works well for 4th of July celebrations if you’re not into the red, white and blue color-ways. As do all their adorable lobster prints!