SmarterKids: A New Marketplace For Toys Curated By Teachers

Born out of the pandemic, SmarterKids is a new marketplace with toys/kits curated hand in hand with teachers. During the merchandising process the brand told us that they consider factors including kids‘ brain connections (neural pathways), different learning styles and how emotions impact the cognitive process.


Any parent will tell you that, especially for babies and toddlers, the only way to learn is through play and play only happens when it’s fun. Fun, however, can mean different things to different babies and toddlers. Some gravitate towards imaginative play with kettles and veggies, while others like to jump and bang. It usually takes trial and error to know what a little one likes and it’s also important to bear in mind that things evolve. A play thing a child might not like now, they may love in two months as they learn new skills and figure out new ways to play with an object.

What I like about SmarterKids is their diversity. You can pick from various categories ranging from arts to engineering and filter by price point. That said, there’s a variety without them offering an overwhelming amount of options to scroll through making it a perfect choice for anyone who appreciates curation with some flexibility.