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10 Geeky Dad Gifts For Father’s Day

I don’t know about you, but traditional Father’s Day gifts have never really fit within my family. All of the aisles of ties and cuff-links and BBQ gear that fill the department stores just seemed like empty gifts that my Dad would never use. And now that I get to help my 9-year-old daughter shop […]

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16 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mums Who Swear

Mother’s Day is coming and if we can keep it real for a sec, we don’t all want flowers or brunch. Or maybe in addition to flowers and brunch, we want something a little extra. Something a little special and unique, that really reflects our personality. I don’t know about your favourite mums, but mine […]


Gift Guide for Siblings

Parents know that shopping for one gift to share between siblings only makes sense, since they’ll probably end up trying to steal one another’s presents, anyway. This holiday gift guide will help you choose just the right thing for kids of a variety of ages and interests, from classic favourites with a twist to new […]

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10 Perfect Gifts for Me (Yes, You!)

Do you know what? As much as we know it should be so, sometimes Christmas isn’t just about the giving. Sometimes it’s about the receiving too. Sometimes it’s about me. We’ve worked hard all year and we deserve something special, we really do. Don’t be shy about it. I’ve been window shopping like crazy across […]

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10 Perfect Gifts for Him

Oh how I love to spoil my man. When you think about it, the boys do their best to spoil us off and on throughout the year. Or at least I hope they do. Do you have a partner that tries to do the ‘little things that mean a lot’ unexpectedly? If not, I think […]

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10 Perfect Gifts for Little Girls

Have you done most of your Christmas shopping yet? I’m close, but not close enough. The number of kids I have to buy for each year just seems to multiply. Actually, that’s true! We were in the ‘sweet spot’ for friends and family having babies a few years ago, and all those babies grew up to be […]

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10 Perfect Gifts for Little Boys

Don’t you just love Christmas shopping? Yes? No? I love it. I love selecting gifts that I just know will be treasured. I totally get that half the fun of Christmas is in the giving, not the receiving. Earlier we made a list (and presumably checked it twice) of great gifts for bigger boys, so […]