Mummy Must-Have: Wander & Roam Mat

From infants and toddlers to teens (it double as both a carpet and a yoga/workout mat), Wander & Roam‘s one-piece reversible foam mat is perfect for just about any room in a home.

If you’re looking for a play mat that can blend into your home decor – ie something you won’t have to roll out and up every day – consider this one. I love that they’re reversible too (and each side is totally different), so I can switch things up if there are one too many spills (whether they’r permanent or I’m too lazy to clean)… or when I’m looking to refresh the backdrop on the 100000 photos we all take of our little ones every day.


I know not everything can be toxin-free, but as someone who struggled to get pregnant and dealt with years of IVF because of PCOS, which I believe is a result of hormone disruptive toxins in our environment and everyday products, I’ve made the effort to, where possible, limit the toxins my son is exposed to. We all know kids put everything in their mouth. Putting things in their mouth is important – it’s how they learn and discover, but I’d prefer if that mouth would be exposed to “clean” things. In the case of this mat it’s non-toxic as well as latex, BPA, formamide and PVC-free. Plus, hypoallergenic, waterproof and non-flammable.

Also, while it has the carpet look, it’s made of eco-friendly foam that’s 1/2″ thick, so no worries when your child is rolling or falling and the 4.5ft x 6.5ft size is pretty much just what they need to have room to roll and explore. My son has been using this for a few months so far starting at around 5.5 months and never fell off the mat and onto the floor once (though this has happened with other, smaller mats, and all was fine…their heads are soft at this age so it doesn’t seem to hurt).

The price of Wander & Roam’s mats range from $129 to $179.