Mummy Must-Have: The SNOObear White Noise Lovey

To say that I was stressed about the transition from SNOO to a crib would be an understatement. My son slept 10-12 hours as of 9 weeks in the SNOO and I certainly didn’t want that to go away. Luckily, once we transitioned and implemented the Ferber method, it was all seamless. Another key? The SNOObear White Noise Lovey ($59.95).

I’m not sure why the SNOObear doesn’t get much attention because it’s fantastic! It’s basically a teddy bear that doubles as a white noise machine – but not any white noise. The Harvey Karp-developed genius white noise that seems to work on all babies to help put them to sleep (there’s also a SNOO playlist on Spotify if you don’t want to get the bear – but that’s not really practical unless you room-share). It doesn’t end there, however.


SNOObear plays the white noise for either 30 minutes or an hour and then “listens” for the following three hours and if your baby cries, it turns itself on again. This is great for parents worried that their baby will get “addicted” to white noise – it also helps save battery though I do wish there was an option to keep it on all night because I know for a fact the noise helps my son sleep.

It’s important to note that before the age of 1 it’s not recommended, for safe sleep, to have anything in the crib with your baby, so put SNOO bear on a shelf near the crib or what I do is I have it next to the crib on the floor. It’s also worth noting that while they call this bear a “lovey” it’s not really very cuddly. This isn’t something you’re buying for baby to snuggle with, in my opinion – you’re buying it to help baby go to sleep and stay asleep. If you’re looking for a cuddly lovey, checkout the WubbaNub Lovey Collection.