Mummy Must-Have: Everything From Frida Mum And Frida Baby (Seriously)

Parenting is highly personal. Things that work for one parent or one child aren’t necessarily going to work for another. There are, however, some things I recommend to all parents who ask me about my faves. Maybe they’ll work, maybe they won’t but because, when they do work, they make life so much easier (hello, Snoo!), I think they’re worth trying. With that said, Frida Mum and Frida Baby products are in a category of their own. They actually WILL work for everyone!


If I can make one suggestion, it would be before baby arrives to buy everything and anything from the brand to get you through postnatal and those first few years. No, this isn’t an ad/sponsored post – the hyperbole is 100% authentic and when you try their products I have zero doubt you’ll agree.

I have tried so many products and when it comes to postnatal recovery nothing compares to Frida Mum. I gave birth in Tel Aviv where the brand is not sold, no joke I could have cried when I ran out of their Instant Ice Maxi Pads and had to use the alternatives available locally. The brand sells a C-section recovery kit as well as a vaginal recovery kit, which I could not recommend more. Also this donut pillow – trust me, especially if you have a vaginal delivery with stitches, it will hurt like crazy to sit without it (I took my donut pillow with me everywhere).


As good as Frida is for Mum, they’re just as good for baby. They’re always launching new items and bundles, like the Mobile Medicine Cabinet. I literally could not imagine dealing with a sick baby without their products, not to mention dealing with the everyday tasks like cutting nails, picking boogers and grooming.