A Fun (And Mess Free) Activity For You And The Kids

I am ALWAYS looking for new activities for the kids. Things that will keep them busy for more than 5 minutes. So, when we were asked to try this new FOAM ALIVE – I was just as excited as them!

Let me tell you – this stuff is so fun to play with. It comes in a range of different colours – and you can purchase single packs or there is the Ice Cream Pack. The kids and I opened up the Foam Alive Make N Melt Ice Cream Pack.

The kit comes with three different colours of Foam Alive: Go Go Green, Fuchsia Flash and Blue Blitz, plus three ice cream cones, three ice cream molds and one ice cream scoop.

Playing with the Foam Alive, it is so soft and squishy and it totally looks like it comes alive. The way it moves around makes for so much fun. The other great part about Foam Alive is that it’s mess free. The foam sticks together and if there are bits that fall, it’s quite easy to just pick up with a little pile of foam! I also love that doesn’t get stuck in their clothes or on my carpet! It’s not sticky, and it doesn’t all fall apart. So it makes it a stress free activity for mamas too!

The girls have spent hours playing with this. They actually love playing with the molds but still have heaps of fun playing without and making up their own fun without them too. My girls love sensory play. Sensory play allows our children to use all their five senses. When several senses are stimulated at once, children build their creativity and it encourages the development of fine motor skills and coordination. The girls loved making a big ball of foam and then we would drop it on the bench and see how it all moves and comes alive. They also seem to love just continually moulding it in their hands – just making different shapes, or letting it all fall through their hands. They also love putting it in a little cup and then tipping it over to see what happens and how fast it comes out.

You can check out a little video of us enjoying it here:

SO if you’re looking for something new and fun (and mess free) activity for the kids – this is a GREAT one. It’s available at all major toy retailers!