American Girl Introduces New Doll With Hearing Loss

If you have a daughter or little sister, or really just ever played with dolls then you know the iconic American Girl doll series. The high quality, beautifully crafted dolls that come with books and backstories have been delighting young kids forever. And now, they are making waves with their brand new addition to the American Girl doll family with Joss Kendrick, the first doll in the series with hearing loss and that wears a hearing aid.


Joss has been named the 2020 Doll oof the Year and is being described by Mattel as “a fierce athlete born with hearing loss and a passion for surfing and competitive cheer — joins American Girl’s lineup of inspirational characters who impart meaningful life lessons to help girls learn and grow with confidence.”

The 2020 Doll of the Year is teaming up with Caroline Marks, a 17-year-old surfing prodigy who will be making history next summer when she competes on the first-ever U.S. Women’s Olympics surfing team. Marks said in a statement, “I’m so excited to be a part of the Joss launch and share her message that passion and hard work can really take a girl places—even to the Olympics,”

Like other American Girl dolls, Joss comes with a rich back story that includes room for learning some life lessons. According to the Mattel website, Joss’s two-book series tells her story of growing up in Huntington Beach, CA. Spending her days surfing the waves and trying to improve her skills, she doesn’t notice much else in life. But that all changes when her brother dares her to try to out for cheering, a sport that Joss doesn’t take seriously and that she thinks will be easy.

“But instead of pom-poms and chants,” Mattel writes. “Joss is surprised to see daring pyramids, flips, and jumps, and realises the first rule of surfing—give respect to get respect—applies in the gym as well. By going all-in with cheer, Joss reaches new heights and discovers a whole new side of herself.”

If that wasn’t already amazing enough, American Girl is partnering with Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) with a $25,000 donation to help support the organization’s mission and educational directives.

The Joss doll and book start at $98. Her accessories are beachy cool and include everything from a surfboard to a glittery back[ack and even some rad shades. Joss and her amazing accessories can be found here.

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