Mummy Must Haves: Milk & HoneyI admit it, I am a shoe fanatic.

There I said it, I just really love shoes. Way back when I was in design school I took a beginning shoe making class and I have been drawn to the idea of making shoes since. So today’s Mummy Must Haves is all about shoes, but not just buying shoes. You see, I am not ready to quit and start my own shoe line (although I have thought about it) but I have found the next best thing–Milk and Honey. Milk and Honey is a website started by two sisters that allows you to design your own shoes! You start by picking the basic style, then you get to choose from tons of fabrics and colours,straps, heel height and platform plus embellishments. Want a patent leather green strappy sandal with a wedge heel? Done. How about a nude pump with a shot of coral for the heel? It’s yours. If you are feeling stuck on a design you can scroll through inspiration shoes to get some ideas or even click to buy a pair of shoes from their signature line.  Once you have settled on your design with appropriate embellishments it is whisked off to skilled artisans who craft it from the sister’s propreitary lasts the mold around which the shoes are made-you know I had to throw a cool design word in) and in six to eight weeks…voila!

While I have “designed” quite a few pairs of shoes I haven’t pulled the trigger on any, yet. But I’m getting close, I think it’s between the nude strappy sandal and the green penny loafer…which do you like?
Mummy Must Haves: Milk & Honey