5 Looks that Prove Pinafores Aren’t Just for Kids

Hands up if you’ve ever envied your kid’s wardrobe? Sure, they might not have much, but the gear they have is comfy and works hard. Case in point: onesies. One pull over the head and you’re done – genius!


In the same vibe I’m loving this season’s pinafores aka the dress version of dungarees. Why? They’re like a dress on steroids – they come in denim and they can take all the banana you can mush on them and come out shining. Bonus: I’ll be adding a new tee each day and wearing my pinafore all week long. Here are five of my faves under $100.

cool pinafores for mums #fashion #style #hipstermum

Patchwork denim is so hot right now. Fact. Plus, mixing up dark and light hues means it’ll go with anything – prints, patterns, brights or pales – and it also makes it the Ultimate Stain Masker, so if once-in-a-blue-moon washing is your thing, this baby is your jam.

ASOS Denim Patchwork Mini Pinafore Dress, $80.16

cool pinafores for mums #fashion #style #hipstermum

Love your basics? Well, meet your new minimalist MVP (that’s Most Valued Possession). Where other pinafore styles can get a little carried away with pockets and buttons and straps and stitching, this Subtitled number keeps things cool with zero extras. Like they say, sometimes simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Subtitled Washed Khaki Pinafore, $89.95

cool pinafores for mums #fashion #style #hipstermum

Hands up who fancies looking just a touch slimmer? Can you see my hand waving wildy above my head? For anyone like me, these vertical buttons and longer hem line do the job, visually lengthening your silhouette like your own personal Photoshop machine. Win.

Subtitled Midi Button Through Denim Pinafore, $99.95

cool pinafores for mums #fashion #style #hipstermum

Sometimes girls just wanna have fun, you know. And fun doesn’t get much funner than this swing-y A-line cutie that’s the most affordable pick of the bunch. Pair with a big market basket, last summer’s clogs and you’re rocking the sartorial version of Pharrell’s Happy. Wear and wait for the compliments to come rolling in.

Dotti Denim Pinafore, $69.95

cool pinafores for mums #fashion #style #hipstermum

Did you know it rains in summer? Like really rains. So for anyone who’s after a new piece that’ll do double duty in hot and cold weather, this is the pinnie for you. Made from heavy-duty non-stretch denim, with fully adjustable thick straps, is the kind of quick-change multitasker that makes Optimus Prime look slack. And before you go thinking ‘yeah, but it’s kinda the dowdy one of the bunch’ wait til you get a load of the sassy curved hem.

ASOS Denim Pinafore Dress With Patch Pockets In Rich Blue, $73.83

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