This Easy Peppermint Chocolate Bread is Perfect for the Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, you can never go wrong with a classic holiday flavor: peppermint. Combined with chocolate, it’s my personal favourite flavor combo for Christmastime, and there’s no easier way to blend these flavors than with chocolate peppermint bread. Normally, making a cake can be a lot of work during such […]


Super-Simple Wholemeal Gingerbread Cookies

It’s that time of year when making cookies, prawn salad and 25 kilograms of potato bake is a given. Even though it’s piping hot in our home in Sydney this time of the year, the oven in permanently on. Most of the time it’s baking a double batch of these super-simple Christmas cookies. I make […]


Watermelon Christmas Pops

These watermelon Christmas pops are one of those recipes where if you make it once, you’ll be making it over-and-over again. They are such a hit with the babes. And you know, don’t be limited by your imagination or your cookie cutter drawer, make any shape out of the watermelon that works for you. I’ve made these […]


A Christmas Cake, My Slow Cooker Did Make!

It’s no lie, I am utterly obsessed with my slow cooker. I run it nearly 24/7. I make bone broth overnight, I cook dinner in it in during the day and every now and then I play around with a baked good (or two) to see if I can make it work in the slow […]


17 Christmas Cookies Around the Web

Making Christmas cookies is a vital part of holiday tradition. Whether your part of a cookie exchange or you just like baking with your kids, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up a collection of recipes featuring the best homemade Christmas cookies of 2012 (and possibly of all time!). Add a few of these sweet treats […]


Santa Cupcakes Recipe

Instead of leaving cookies for Santa, why not start a new tradition and leave him a cupcake this year? A Santa Cupcake of course! The iconic red suit is a symbol of Christmas for kids everywhere. The kids will have fun helping you bake up this recipe and assemble this fun holiday treat for Santa, for […]