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Courteney Cox was raised by her parents, Richard and Courteney Cox, in Mountain Brook, Alabama.  Her father, a wealthy businessman, divorced her mother and moved to Florida when Courteney was just 10 years old.  She graduated from Mountain Brook High School and then went on to Mount Vernon College to study architecture.  After a short stint at the college, she decided to drop out and focus on modeling.  She moved to NYC and signed with Ford Modeling Agency.  

While modeling, she added some acting classes to her schedule and got her first big break when she was cast in Bruce Springsteen’s music video “Dancing in the Dark”. 

Over the next ten years she would star in many TV projects and films before landing the role in the surprise comedy hit “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” starring alongside Jim Carrey

A short time after that movie, she signed on to play the character that she would become most famous for – Monica Gellar (after first auditioning for the role of Rachel Green – which eventually went to her future BFF Jennifer Aniston) on the successful series “Friends”.  Courteney and her cast mates enjoyed the “Friends” journey for ten years! 

During a break from “Friends”, she was cast in Wes Craven’s horror flick “Scream”, where she met future husband David Arquette. Courteney and David married on June 12, 1999.  The happy couple welcomed a daughter, Coco, in June of 2004 – just a day after their wedding anniversary.

After “Friends” came to an end, she starred on the F/X faux-tabloid drama ‘Dirt’ for two seasons.  When ‘Dirt’ was cancelled, she moved on to ABC.  Courteney currently stars on the wildly popular series “Cougar Town” – which may be undergoing a name change, according to reports.

In October of 2010, Courteney and David announced that they had separated but are still reportedly trying to figure things out.  

Random trivia: Courteney is a brown belt

Marriages:  David Arquette (separated) June 12, 1999 – present
Children: Coco Cox-Arquette June 13, 2004



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