Turn a Drink Pouch Into a Rocket With a Few Basic Supplies

Get ready because your kids are going to be jumping up and down to try out this easy project idea…drink pouch rockets! While they are a fairly simple concept, they will definitely keep kids entertained by letting them make, decorate and launch their own little rockets using a drink pouch, straws and paper. And as […]

DIY Holiday Crafts

Bunny-Approved DIY Thumbprint Easter Eggs

This DIY Easter craft is so egg-tastic; not just because it’s adorable, but also because it’s so simple. Our kids’ fingerprints are little for only so long, so it’s fun to capture their tiny imprints on just about anything. Easter eggs are no exception. With a little imagination (and Sharpie doodling), the fingerprints can become […]


Entertain Kids With This Melting Snowman Activity

Do you want to build a (melting) snowman? Well, if your kids do, let them do it inside where it’s warmer! When it’s too cold to go outside, you can keep the kids entertained with this simple project using a few of your standard household supplies: baking soda, shaving cream and vinegar. Combined, kids can […]


These Personalized DIY Name Crystals Grow in Less Than One Day

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s literally ANYTHING with their name on it. I was the same way as a kid. You can help your kids grow their own personalized DIY crystals in less than one day using pipe cleaners and Borax! This easy trick will keep kids mesmerized for hours as they watch […]


These Easy DIY Perler Bead Bowls Will Catch Your Clutter

All things seem to come back around, and the latest craft to make a comeback is DIY Perler bead art. I loved playing with Perler beads when I was a kid, and there has been a recent upsurge in DIY crafts made out of Perler beads. Today’s iterations are easy to make (no fussy pegboard […]


Kids Can Get Creative With These Simple DIY Travel JournalsSponsored content

With summer around the corner, you may be gearing up for family holidays or road trips, and it’s the perfect opportunity to let your kids get creative and make their own simple travel journals for documenting their trip with memories and photos. Let them pick their favourite patterned paper and stickers to decorate the cover, […]


30 Summer Crafts for Kids That’ll Keep Boredom at Bay

Summer crafts for kids can be a total sanity-saver during those seemingly endless school-free days. Even if you’ve got a jam-packed schedule full of camps and pool parties, chances are—especially when it’s raining or is unbearably hot outside—you’ll still run into downtime and with it, those dreaded two words: “I’m bored.” So to pass the time and keep your littles entertained, it’s […]