21 Fun Activities For Your Mid-Summer Bucket List

Between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, summer fun abounds. You experience all your seasonal firsts: barbecues, parties, beach days, and even the first official day of summer. The season is fresh and new, and so you are excited to dive right into summer fun. Then Independence Day hits, and once all the flag […]


Spring Gratitude Challenge

As the scent of spring drifts through the air, it feels like the perfect time to appreciate the new.


Building a Christmas Star Brings the Family Together

LEGO has been a big part of our family life for the past five years. Not a Christmas has gone by without a new box of LEGO making its way onto the wish list and then, without fail, we spend a few hours on Christmas Day constructing the newest addition. Indeed, those wonderful coloured bricks […]

Family Fun Activities

7 Reasons Why Kids Need Family Fun Night

With the proliferation of gadgets, streaming videos and other modern distractions, family fun night might seem like an antiquated relic of a bygone era. In a time where getting everyone to eat a meal together can be a tall order, the thought of an entire night dedicated to family bonding might seem like an impossibility. […]