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Easy 3-Ingredient Pancakes are the Answer to Busy Mornings

If they could, most kids wouldn’t mind having pancakes or waffles for breakfast every single day. Unfortunately, pancakes can be time consuming to make on busy mornings and they’re not usually the healthiest everyday breakfast. Enter 3-ingredients pancakes! These super easy 3-ingredient pancakes are the answer to both of those problems! Made with mashed bananas […]


Here’s The Only Acai Bowl Recipe You Need

  Lately, acai bowls have supplanted kale chips as the health food world’s biggest nutritional darling. So what’s an acai bowl? It’s kind of like an acia berry smoothie topped with fruit, nuts, muesli, and seeds. Acai bowls can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a healthy snack, yet they’re sweet enough to also be considered dessert. […]


Make Mornings Easier With These Breakfast Popsicles (3 Ways!)

I’m melting in the summer heat. Even the mornings are humid and hot and I’d rather be eating ice cream for breakfast just to cool me down.  But since I probably shouldn’t do that, I found a great compromise with breakfast popsicles. Whip up a batch on Sunday night and you’ll have a smart, portable […]


Everyone Should Know How to Make Cloud Eggs

If you haven’t heard of cloud eggs, you’ve been missing out. The Instagram worthy breakfast has surged in popularity recently because they look so good in pictures and they taste even better. Cloud eggs are a fun way to change up the way you make eggs, and even kids who normally push eggs around their […]


Wholesome Breakfast Pikelets 3 WaysSponsored content

Breakfast is such a tricky meal.  It’s the one meal where it becomes easy to grab a breakfast cereal or throw some bread in the toaster. But it doesn’t need to be like that. I’m going to show you how quick and easy it can be to make pikelets that are: freezable, wholesome and kid-friendly. […]


Slow-Cooker Mango Rice Pudding for Breakfast

Breakfast can be such a hard meal to get right and so many of us resort to boxes of sugar-laden cereal that don’t fill the kids up and don’t provide the nutritional hit they need in the morning. The recipe for this one comes from the new breakfast cookbook by Mumtastic’s Stacey Clare, ‘Stace’s Quick & Healthy […]

Under 30 Minutes

3 Superfood Nice Cream Recipes

Have you heard of nice cream? It’s basically a soft serve made out of frozen bananas and other super healthy ingredients. It’s pretty trendy right now and it’s easy to see why! Pinterest is bursting with images of bikini-clad goddesses tucking into insane towers of flower-adorned, ombre-coloured nice cream bowls. Sorry, this band wagon jump […]