The Best Cyber Monday 2018 Deals

Black Friday may be over, but the deals aren’t done. Cyber Monday 2018 has it’s own discounts and many items that sold out on Friday are now restocked. We’re keeping watch on today’s best deals and sharing them with you. Watch this page closely—we’ll be adding Cyber Monday deals as we hear about them over […]


The Leather Jacket: Step Away From The Fleece

Ladies, it is time to step away from the fleece.It is comfortable and it is easy but it is not flattering nor is it stylish and I’m here to sing the praises of your new best friend: the leather jacket.We ALL have days when we are running a bit late and have to dash out […]


Top 10 Nappy Bags

It can be difficult to keep track of all of your new baby items, but luckily there are plenty of stylish nappy bags to choose from for mums on the go. From bright prints to chic, classic solids, the colours and fabric options are endless. They all have plenty of pockets to keep your nappys, bottles […]


Mummy Must Haves: Milk & Honey

I admit it, I am a shoe fanatic.There I said it, I just really love shoes. Way back when I was in design school I took a beginning shoe making class and I have been drawn to the idea of making shoes since. So today’s Mummy Must Haves is all about shoes, but not just buying […]


Hats Off To The Summer

In honour of warm weather, it’s only fitting that we start talking about the fashionable hats that everyone will be wearing and ones that of course, you can wear all summer long.


Mummy Must Haves: Prom

 Spring always makes me think of prom, not that I for a second want to go back to high school, but prom…maybe, if only for the dressing up. I went to prom in the 90’s, which for those of you who follow along at home know is basically where my fashion sense got stuck.  So without […]