Susan Petersen


Mother of a 5 year old princess and a chubby redheaded toddler named Gus, Susan and her family lives in the happy state of Utah where even DMV employees are in good moods.  Her hobbies include sewing, thrifting, then sewing and sewing some more, and then blogging about all the sewing. Having learned at feet of her master seamstress mother, she sells her beautiful wares in markets all over the country. Spending all of her free time in the sewing room, Susan can now safely say she knows the difference between a french seam and an invisible hem but could not tell you the colour of her sewing room’s carpet. She loves to share her tutorials and sewing tactics on her popular sewing blog, Freshly Picked. Several of her tutorials have been featured on blogs such as Apartment Therapy, Babble and Cafe Mum.  You can see more of work on her blog Freshly Picked

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