TV Shows and Movies to Watch with Your Tweens

When you’re a movie lover and fan of great TV, nothing is more exciting than raising kids who appreciate this kind of screen time as much as you do.  Thankfully, the film and television industry has made many kid movies more palatable to parents via clever writing and wit, but the day will come before […]

TV & Movies

6 Shows I’m Binging While My Husband Watches Football

The honeymoon is over, people. No more cuddling together on the couch watching “Bachelor in Paradise” while ranking on the contestants. Football season has begun, and I’ve lost my husband to the godforsaken NFL Sunday Ticket package. On the bright side, there are so many great shows to catch up on, and now I can […]

Baby Names

Baby Names Inspired by Television

Do parents really name their babies after names they hear on television? Yes, they do! Time and again, TV has proven to be a powerful influence on parents: after hot handles show up as names for favourite characters on  our screens, they start popping up on birth certificates. Need proof? Check out the baby name […]