YOGURT – Your Friendly Digestive Magician

Yoghurt feeds your brain, bones, hair, mouth/teeth, muscles, nails, nerves and skin.  As a fermented milk product, yoghurt promotes the balance of friendly bacteria in your intestinal track. Its living probioticstrains like acidophilus and bifidus provide protection from viruses and bacteria.  Yoghurt is a natural anti-inflammatory, may lower your LDL while  raising your metabolic function for efficient calorie burning.  It also maintains healthy radiant skin and reduces acne outbreaks.  Rich in protein, Vitamin K and minerals, you can count on it to help build healthy cells, tissues, bones, and muscles.  Your brain and nervous system aresupported by yoghurt’s rich mineral content .  Yoghurt should be consumed several times per week.  Please avoid those filled with sugar and artificial additives.  Buy plain or Greek and use in smoothies, dips, sauces or as a side dish with each meal since it enhances the flavors of meats, fish and vegetables… for the health of your family, ellen and sally

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